Best Ice Cream in Coral Gables: A Legacy of Family and Flavor

Whip 'n Dip is not your ordinary old fashion ice cream shop; it's a Coral Gables institution and one of the best ice cream places in Miami. The family-owned, frosty haven has been winning hearts since its founding in 1985 by George Giampetro, Sr. and his wife, Nancy. With their children, George Jr. and Kathy, their dedication birthed what became Coral Gables's best ice cream shop. When you enter the realm of Whip 'n Dip, you'll discover more than a menu of frozen treats. You'll encounter a legacy of flavor innovation waiting to delight your taste buds. Kathy and Nancy, the geniuses behind the scenes, have elevated the art of ice cream-making. Each scoop embodies their commitment, from the rich pistachio to the tropical mango. It reflects their dedication to crafting delectable, homemade ice cream that transcends the ordinary. Come and try out one of the best ice cream places in Miami today.

A Gem Among Ice Cream Shops in Miami

Beyond its old-fashioned vibe, Whip 'n Dip is a true community cornerstone. We have connections with local businesses, the University of Miami, and the tight-knit South Miami/Coral Gables community. And here's where it gets even more exciting – enter 'The Mango Swap,' a one-of-a-kind initiative that proves Whip 'n Dip's status as a local sensation. Imagine neighbors coming together, trading backyard mangoes, and exchanging them for unique and delicious ice cream creations. It's a flavor-packed experience that brings the community together in the sweetest way possible.

Experience Family Warmth at Our Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Shop

Embark on a journey as you step into Whip 'n Dip – a time capsule that transports you to simpler times. Founded on principles of quality, George Sr. and Jr. dedicated their efforts to creating a warm atmosphere for everyone. The commitment to hiring fun, engaging, and hardworking staff has led to incredible connections. Five of our employee couples found love right here at the shop!

So, savor a taste of Coral Gables history. Whether you seek the best ice cream in town or a sweet escape, Whip 'n Dip is your destination. Your every visit is a part of our sweet story. We can't wait to welcome you to the family!

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